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Bishop's Message

Our world today is a world of information technology, and as such all institutions of human achievement, development and governance is making use of this. As the Church was the first to speak on radio to the world in the early 1900s, so the Church today and in every age must make use of what that age provides, to speak the Gospel of God in Jesus Christ.

Dean's Message

I greet you in the name of our sovereign Lord Christ, who commanded that we go out and baptize, why? 'to make disciples' where? 'to the ends of the earth". In what assurance? "I will be with you always". How? He does not say. This medium is one way of reaching out to the ends of the earth and testifying to the transforming power of our God

Church Schedule

*Every Sunday @ 8:00 am & 10:00 am Eucharist and Sermon
*Every Third Sunday is Holy Baptism
*Wednesdays, Fridays & Feast Days Service @ 12 Noon
*Monday Vigil is 2nd Fridays at 9pm till Dawn


Latest News

Confirmation Day: Confirmation Day has been set by the Bishop for Sunday 22 November. A retreat for all candidates is set for Saturday 21 November 8am to 4pm Virginia.

Election of Officers: All organizations are requested and required to hold elections for their corps of officers no later than 2nd week of January, 2016. Installation is scheduled for the third week of January 2016. Sorry, but no exceptions, no excuses, no special pleading,  no discussion. Just do it, please. Thanks

Parochial Meeting: The next parochial meeting is scheduled for 29th November Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent after the One Service ushering in the Advent Season. At this meeting, the Cathedral family will hold elections for her members to the Cathedral Chapter.

Senior Choir: The Senior Choir is in dire need of voices/members to augment its current strength and improve their services to the Cathedral. If you  feel passionate about using your voices to the glory of God, please contact the offices of the Senior Choir to get started.


  • Nov 15 Sunday Thank God for Family -TCW 
  • Nov 22 Sunday Priest Appreciation- Altar Guild
                               - Confirmation Day
  • Nov 29 Sunday 1st Sunday of Advent - One service @9am
                               - Lay Readers Guild Fundraising
                               - Parochial Meeting
  • Dec 6 Sunday Thanksgiving Program -TYF


The Cathedral has embarked upon installing panels of images in the chapel depicting the role of St. Andrew in the Gospel. The painted portraits of this Apostle's activities will be done on 24 canvas panels at the cost of US$125.00 per panel. There are 24 panels, please support this initiative. Contact the Dean at : +231- 886-912-417. email:info@trinitycathedralliberia.org