Trinity Cathedral as known today was first called St. Paul’s parish under the pastoral leadership of Reverend Eli Stokes (1851-1852). In 1853 under the new leadership of the Reverend Dr. Alexander Cromwell, the name St Paul was changed to Trinity Memorial Church. On February 24, 1859, the cornerstone of Trinity Church was laid. After 14 years on July 17, 1873, an act to incorporate Trinity Church was enacted by the national legislature and approved by the president Joseph Jenkins Roberts. In the ensuing years, the idea of a cathedral was conceived during the bishopric of Leopold Kroll (1936-1945) and gained momentum under Bravid Harris (1945-1964). Under bishop Kroll, the standing committee of the district made a petition to the national legislature for a proposed cathedral. The petition was approved by the congregation and favorably by the legislature. A charter was granted, creating Trinity Cathedral of the missionary diocese of the Episcopal Church in Liberia. Construction for an edifice began subsequently. On April 6,1969 under the pastoral leadership of Fr. Edward King, the first service was held in the cathedral. Trinity Cathedral has had five deans.

Trinity Church of Monrovia, now Trinity Cathedral was erected by Rev. Alexander Crumwell, Oct. 30, 1855, during the episcopacy of the Rt. Rev. John G. Auer.

1863—The Rt. Rev. John Payne (First Bishop of Liberia) consecrated Trinity church built entirely by offerings of the Sunday School of Saint Georges church, New Staff.

1873, March 18—Organization of Diocese of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Liberia at Trinity Church.

1886—First gathering of Trinity Church of the clergy in preparation for the first Convocation held in Trinity Church.

1897, February 10-15—4th General Convocation held in Trinity Church...

1913, April 2-9—12th General Convocation held in Trinity Church.

1916, September—Trinity Memorial Church becomes first self supporting Parish of the Missionary District.

1917, January 24-30—14th General Convocation held in Trinity Church.

1934, January 24-29—22nd General Convocation held in Trinity Church.

1946, July 3-7—23rd General Convocation held in Trinity Church.

1948, April 14-18—25th General Convocation held in Trinity Church.

1956, April 11-15—33rd General Convocation held in Trinity Pro-Cathedral.

1970, April 1—Special convocation to elect a Bishop; George Daniel Browne elected.

1970, April 19—Lying of cornerstone of Trinity Cathedral.

1970, August 6—Browne consecrated Trinity Cathedral.



For a period of time, there was no Cathedral in Liberia even though there were bishops resident in Harper, Maryland County and in Monrovia.

St. Mark in Harper was built like a Cathedral but was never dedicated for that purpose.

Trinity Monrovia was first a mission, then a memorial church, a Pro-Cathedral and at last a Cathedral. It was a Pro-Cathedral because the members wanted to retain the autonomy.

It has now a Cathedral Chapter made up of diocesan representation and a larger representation from the Cathedral parish.

The first Dean was the Very Rev. Dr. Seth C. Edwards, followed by:

The Very Rev. Dr. Edward G. W. King

The Very Rev. Dr. Emmanuel W. Johnson

The Very Rev. Dr. Jonathan B. B. Hart

The Very Rev. Dr. Herman Browne



The Rev. Canon Jr. Burgess Carr

The Rev. Canon Dr. Emmanuel W. Johnson

The Rev. Canon Dr. J. Dwalu Kimber*

The Rev. Canon A. Bani Collins

The Rev. Canon D. E. Bolling Robertson*

The Rev. Canon J. Jellico Bright

The Rev. Canon Philip Aggrey*

The Rev. Canon William K. Amampo*

The Rev. Canon Andrew Aflolabi



The Rev. Canon Jean Regal Elisee

The Rev. Canon Kale Francis King



The Rev. Alexander Crummell*

The Rev. Paulus Moort, M.D.

The Rev. William J. Blacklidge

The Rev. G. W. Gibson Sr. (Former President of Liberia)*

The Rev. G. W. Gibson, Jr. (Former Secretary of Public Instruction)*

The Rev. Dr. W. Davies-Jones *(Pro-Cathedral)

The Rev. Richard Hicks (Pro-Cathedral)



The Rev. Samuel J. Taylor

The Rev. T. J. O. Gooding

The Rev. Charles A. McIntosh

The Rev. Maxwell Zoon

The Rev. Lawrence Bainda

The Rev. S. Yanguoi Reed

The Rev. Budu Shannon

The Rev. Christian Harding

The Rev. Edward Thompson


The late Dean King was very instrumental in moving Trinity Cathedral from B. W. Harris Episcopal School edifice to the present Cathedral

The enthronement of the late Bishop George D. Browne as Archbishop of the Province of West Africa took place in Trinity Cathedral.